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  • Forge Of Empires Forge Of Empires Create your own city with Forge of Empires and accompany it throughout the centuries. Enlarge your sphere of influence - with a powerful army and the right tactics, you will subjugate your enemies and forge a vast empire. InnoGames 1 year ago report
  • Goodgame Empire Goodgame Empire Goodgame Empire is a great strategy title by Goodgame Studios. Build your own castle, create a powerful army and fight epic player versus player battles on a dynamic world map. Crush your enemies, conquer land and rise to the ruler of a mighty empire! GoodGame 1 year ago report
  • Elvenar Elvenar Elvenar is a city-building Strategy-MMO from InnoGames, set in an exotic fantasy world. Tasked with creating a flourishing city, players can choose between Elves or Humans as a starting race. The choice influences the way the players' cities and inhabitants look and which technologies and units are at their disposal. Between managing resources, levelling up buildings and unlocking new perks, players should also pay attention to the multiplayer-map if they want to find valuable relics. Yet, players might have to fight numerous fantastic creatures for them. The world of Elvenar is filled with, fantastic buildings and units in colorful, lush environments. The game's strategic battles are 3D- animated, with up to 20 different monster and unit types, which make each encounter unique. InnoGames 1 year ago report
  • Grepolis Grepolis Create Greece just the way you want it with the free browser game Grepolis. Forge powerful alliances with other players and draw on the powers of the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, Hades and Artemis. Build unique World Wonders to beco InnoGames 1 year ago report
  • Goodgame Big farm Goodgame Big farm Uncle George has left you his farm, but unfortunately it?s in pretty bad shape. Using business skills and the help of your neighbors, family and friends you can turn the overgrown barnyard into a beautiful and prosperous farm again. Plant the right crops, harvest and process them, care for your animals and make sure that your workers are happy ? this is how your farm will grow successfully. GoodGame 2 years ago report
  • Klondike Klondike Klondike - the last frontier of North America! And our friend's father has gone missing while mining for gold. Now it's your turn to explore this world of adventure and make it your new home. This land has all kinds of materials to help you in your quests; roll up your sleeves and with the help of the Inuit people you'll build up your colony in no time! Unlock new areas and unravel the mysteries of this last frontier of online adventure games - Klondike! Plinga 2 years ago report
  • Spiderman Escape Spiderman Escape Spiderman needs your help in doing an escape from this challenging world ahead of him. Do you think you can help him survive? Well let's see how you can help Spiderman in this challenge. 8Bob 11 months ago report
  • Mario Great Adventure 3 Mario Great Adventure 3 Play an adventure game with Mario! What you have to do is to collect coins as much as you can with all the obstacles that comes through. Are you ready? 8Bob 1 year ago report
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Indiana Jones Adventure Do you remember the famous Indiana Jones If so then your playing a game that youll remember you of the adventures of Indiana and you can live as he used to so many years ago.Use your keyboard to play this game. 7Age 1 year ago report
  • Mario Cart 3D Mario Cart 3D Have the guts to race? Play "Mario Cart 3D" and experience to race with experts using a Kart. If you think your a good racer then you'll definitely win! 8Bob 1 year ago report
  • The Last Village The Last Village There's no description available Yomza 10 months ago report
  • Legends of Honor Legends of Honor LEGENDS OF HONOR is an MMO building and strategy game for browser. In a medieval setting, players join one of three feuding factions, build a castle, and explore a giant interactive map with their customizable heroes. There they can fight opponents in tactical battles to gain honor. GoodGame 1 year ago report
  • Onion adventure Onion adventure Onion Mama lost their children in a creepy forest full of dangers. Help her in her perilous journey. Find all losted children. To do this, you will need to overcome obstacles and dangers in your way. Gamesud 2 years ago report
  • Turkey Adventurous Escape Turkey Adventurous Escape Turkey Adventurous Escape is a type of point and click new escape game developed by Do you like Turkeys Tomorrow is thanksgiving day and some tribes trapped a turkey in an unknown forest for their thanksgiving day dinner. She is crying and there is no one near to help her out. Use your sharp mind to escape the turkey from that forest and bring her back to the city. And give a chance her for giving thanks to you in thanksgiving day. Can you do itGood Luck and Have Fun Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Cube Cube You found yourself locked inside a strange cube looking room. It seems you have to solve several puzzles to find your way out of here. GameKos 2 years ago report
  • Legendary Escape Legendary Escape Dare to enter the epic adventure full of puzzles brain teasers and locked doors Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Lucky Knight Lucky Knight You were in the Middle Ages, where there lived a very brave and strong knight. Direct the actions of a knight in his new dangerous adventure. Collect useful items, and fight against the enemies. Go through all the adventures and complete the game. Arrow keys to move, block and interact, A to jump, S to attack, D to open inventory, Q to pause. Gamesud 2 years ago report
  • Escape the Mayan City Escape the Mayan City Escape from the Mayan City is a point and click room escape game. This time you are trapped in an ancient Mayan city. Find objects and clues in order to escape. GameGox 2 years ago report
  • Star Stable Star Stable Star Stable is the amazing virtual horse game where you explore the beautiful island of Jorvik on the back of your very own horse. Together with thousands and thousands of other players you will experience great adventures, compete in races, care for your horses in your own home stable, and solve the mysteries of a spectacular original story! CPMStar 11 months ago report
  • Super Smooth Mario Bros Super Smooth Mario Bros There's no description available 8Bob 1 year ago report
  • Mystery of the Old House Mystery of the Old House Think you have the best skills to solve the mystery of the mysterious old house? Well it aint gonna be easy so make sure you get your eyes open and start looking. 8Bob 11 months ago report
  • Danger Dungeon Danger Dungeon There's no description available 8Bob 1 year ago report
  • Crazy Angry Birds Crazy Angry Birds The Angry Birds have been waiting for you today. They need your help in defeating their enemies from stealing their eggs. Think you can help them protect? 8Bob 1 year ago report
  • Castaway Castaway Explore the world in this island RPG as you restore peace to the islands villagers. Over 50 quests Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Safari Adventure Safari Adventure Race your cars through the safari. 8iz 2 weeks ago report
  • Mission Codename: Pegasus Escape Mission Codename: Pegasus Escape You brilliant detective. For you there is a new impracticable task under the name Pegasus Escape. Solve the most difficult tasks and help the detective to finish its dangerous mission. Use the Mouse to move and interact with objects. Gamesud 2 years ago report
  • The Magick Golem The Magick Golem The Golem need your help. All that he want is finaly find his soul to became a human. Manage golem and help him run all the tests on the way to his cherished dream. Use the Mouse to move and interact with objects. Gamesud 2 years ago report
  • The Islands of Freedom The Islands of Freedom There's no description available Yomza 10 months ago report
  • Right Hand Right Hand You can play Right Hand in your browser for free. Rescue your kidnapped wife in this shooting point and click adventure. Make your way through the kidnappers house and other levels taking out all the bad guys buy any means. Remember to pick up the health packs on your way as you WILL need them. 2-Play 1 year ago report
  • Zombie Outbreak Beta Zombie Outbreak Beta Zombie Outbreak Beta let's you experience the real time zombie killing you've ever dreamed of. Try your very best to stay alive and kill as much as you can! 8Bob 1 year ago report
  • The Amazing Spiderman The Amazing Spiderman There's no description available 8Bob 11 months ago report
  • Orcs Attack Orcs Attack There's no description available 8Bob 1 year ago report
  • Galaxy Galaxy There's no description available 8Bob 1 year ago report
  • Athens Treasure Athens Treasure Free cool addictive match 3 adventure in the Greek Empire. Match the ancient stones artifacts and coins and help to save the ancient Athens from Persian invasion in this fun puzzle game. There are many different levels each level has different rules and goals various bonuses and boosts limited time frozen figures chains and other obstacles. The great match 3 game more challenging and addictive than ever Try to score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Red Riding Hood Quest Red Riding Hood Quest Extra ordinary children friendly platform game based on the classic fairy tale. Very nice and visually appealing graphics. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Winter Quest 2016 Winter Quest 2016 Short winter quest about littl boy. Like a Gamer 1 month ago report
  • Talking Cat Box Adventure Talking Cat Box Adventure Help talking tom cat adventure each platform based level until you reach the end. Very fun, very cute, perfect for kids. 8iz 1 year ago report
  • Escape From Khafre Pyramid Escape From Khafre Pyramid You have been trapped inside of Khafre pyramid. Try to escape with the help of items which you find in pyramid. Use the items from your inventory to solve puzzles and unlock the secrets of the Pharaohs. GameKos 2 years ago report
  • Eternal Elements Eternal Elements <p>Explore the magical cavern and uncover the secret of the environment-changing elemental crystals while discovering the dark past of yourself. Was it really you who caused the apocalypse?</p> GameGox 2 years ago report
  • Mysterious Cave Escape Mysterious Cave Escape <p>Just imagine yourself to have been trapped inside a mysterious cave. Make use of the clues and objects found over there to escape.</p> GameGox 2 years ago report
  • Floors Escape Floors Escape Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles! You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory. Keep the Floors Escape app, so we can notify you of new floors.rn? Addicting mini puzzles!rn? Gorgeous graphics and different themed floors!rn? Constant updates of New Floors for Android! GameKos 2 years ago report
  • Snail Bob 6: Winter Story Snail Bob 6: Winter Story Are you ready for another spectacular, puzzling adventure? W... 5Games 3 years ago report
Showing 1 - 42 of 32,377 for 'Adventure'