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  • Tractor at the Farm Tractor at the Farm There's no description available 8Laps 1 year ago report
  • Farm Race Farm Race There's no description available 8Laps 1 year ago report
  • Farm Away 2 Farm Away 2 There's no description available 8Fairy 1 year ago report
  • Farm Mania 2 Farm Mania 2 Great news: Anna is back again! This time she is even more enthusiastic, active and full of great ideas! Do you want to take up farming? Then don't miss your chance! Fruits and vegetables, animals and birds, bakeries and textile factories – it's all waiting for you in Farm Mania 2! Anna has gotten married to a strong and charming farmer Bob! Now you can help them to make all their dreams come true in this fun Time Management game! <ul> <li>Fast-paced gameplay</li> <li>Gripping action</li> <li>Build the farm of your dreams!</li> <li>Play Farm Mania</li> </ul> <a href="" title="Buy this game" target="_blank" class="buy_bigfishgame">Buy Game</a> Mankiz 3 years ago report
  • Farm Frenzy Farm Frenzy If you thought life in the big city was crazy, wait until you get a load of the country life in Farm Frenzy! Daily chores have never been more entertaining as you cultivate your fields, feed your animals and gather the items they produce. You can spend the money you earn on upgrading your farm! Offering plenty of finger-clicking action, just enough strategy to keep things interesting and an amusing cast of characters, Farm Frenzy is a game the whole family can enjoy! <ul> <li>Fun farm animals to care for!</li> <li>Great farm products to sell!</li> <li>Cool buildings to purchase!</li> <li>Keep farming in Farm Frenzy 2</li> </ul> <a href="" title="Buy this game" target="_blank" class="buy_bigfishgame">Buy Game</a> Mankiz 3 years ago report
  • Farm Frenzy 2 Farm Frenzy 2 Give Old MacDonald a run for his money in this frenetic Farm Frenzy sequel. Feed hens, collect eggs, and stock your warehouse to ship your goods to market. Kick up your heels while earning enough money to upgrade your buildings. You`ll find a crop full of fun with 17 secret gags to locate, and 19 awards to win. Buy five products in the city and deliver goods for happy customers in Farm Frenzy 2, a Time Management adventure. <ul> <li>Frenetic Time Management sequel</li> <li>Secret gags!</li> <li>Bring produce to market</li> <li>Get help at our Forums</li> <li>Visit the old farm in Farm Frenzy</li> </ul> <a href="" title="Buy this game" target="_blank" class="buy_bigfishgame">Buy Game</a> Mankiz 3 years ago report
  • Royal Story Royal Story Defeat the evil and build your kingdom in a fairy tale adventure! Rule wisely, harvest crops, raise animals and protect them all from the evil forces. Awky 1 year ago report
  • Youda Survivor Youda Survivor Complete objectives and survive on the island. JoinGamer 1 year ago report
  • Farm Delivery 3D Farm Delivery 3D Take a trip to the farm to start your own business , Upload your vegetables and go to town to sell . JoinGamer 1 year ago report
  • Royal Story Royal Story Take back your kingdom from the evil witch and grow it into a fabulous empire! Experience what it is like to be a princess and role a marvelous realm! Discover the various provinces and meet friendly allies along your journey! But be careful, the evil witch and her servants are watching every move of yours and will do everything to stop you taking back your rightful heritage! Provide for your loyal villagers by growing and harvesting crops, breeding animals and protecting them from the vicious minions! Get help from your neighboring kings & queens and become allies with them to grow faster! Build workshops, craft tools for production, embellish your castle, and become the one true majesty of the realm! Plinga 2 years ago report
  • Farm Connect Farm Connect There's no description available Fbrq 3 months ago report
  • Barn Yarn Barn Yarn Help Farmer Joe fix an old barn for his friend Tom will arrive in a few short days challenging you to repair the broken barn to house his farming tools. Host a sale of goods for local buyers. Search and find items that people need 7Age 1 year ago report
  • Happy Farm Difference Happy Farm Difference There's no description available GirlGamey 9 months ago report
  • Princess Juliet Farm Investigation Princess Juliet Farm Investigation Princess Juliet is getting ready for a new adventure. As usual she needs your help to solve another mistery as soon as possible. Use your observation skills to find the clues around the farm and put them all together. GirlGamey 1 week ago report
  • Barbie Farm Girl Barbie Farm Girl Barbie is a farming gal with a passion for country clothing Outfit this popular beauty in garb thats reminiscent of milking cows feeding chickens and spreading hay. You can also pose with authentic pitchforks and other gardening gear. Wear your new outfit in front of the goats 2-Play 1 year ago report
  • Burger Tycoon Burger Tycoon Burger Tycoon let's you experience to run a Burger Business and take care of your very own farm to produce beef and other basic needs for your burgers. Do you think you can keep your business running? 8Bob 11 months ago report
  • Pony Farmer Pony Farmer Tinas family owns the largest pony farm in this town and Tina is in charge of everything She needs to make sure that all the ponies are healthy clean and happy and this requires a lot of work She needs some help to run the things smoothly on farm Help her give the ponies food water and medicine Be sure to keep them all clean Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • 3rd World Farmer 3rd World Farmer 3rd World Farmer lets you play out the hard life of a farmer in a developing country with droughts disease poverty corruption and war. It is a fairly serious simulation that sketches some of the hardships and dilemma from the farmers perspective. Your goal is to escape poverty by building infrastructure communications a school a health clinic political representation and insurance while managing your farm and your family. The game can sometimes be randomly and unfairly easy or hard so dont give up after one try. The game also has some humorous elements such as raising elephants for livestock so dont take everything too seriously. If you feel like learning more about the developing world or donating some time or money to a charity after playing the game visit us at the official 3rd World Farmer site where we have a list of relief agencies and organizations you can get involved with. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Veggie Farm Matching Veggie Farm Matching Swap adjacent blocks to line up 3 or more of the same type of vegetables next to each other horizontally or vertically to make a match. To win a level clear all blocks to final layer. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Cattle Tycoon 2 Cattle Tycoon 2 Second part of the addicting cattle farm game we now give you Cattle Tycoon 2 With new updates and upgrades you can raise your own cattle farm sell products and earn money for your farm improvement. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Farm Barn Escape Farm Barn Escape You are locked you up in the farm barn try to figure out how to escape by using the items and solving the puzzles. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Chicken Coop Chicken Coop Farming game with a chicken coop. Breeding chickens selling eggs and upgrading. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Farm Fun Farm Fun Run your own farm. Plant some vegetable or fruit or sell the chicken eggs. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Mad Farmer Mad Farmer Attack animals on your farm as you manage your mana and health while being attacked. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Harvest Machine Harvest Machine Its harvest time but the rodents drive the farmer crazy. Use the harvest machine to get all your crop before the rodents do. use the arrow keys and space bar to control the harvest machine. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Preety Farm Hidden Objects Preety Farm Hidden Objects Find all hidden objects in the Pretty Farm. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Farm Flip Mahjongg Farm Flip Mahjongg Mahjong Solitaire game with a twist All tiles need to be flipped first. Combine 2 of the same free tiles to remove them or flip them. A tile is free if not covered and if it has at least 1 free side left or right. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Farm Rush Farm Rush You need to take care of your uncles corn farm while he is out of town. Plant the seeds and watch the corn fields grow You can buy fertilizers and supplements to make them grow faster. Watch out for the bird attacks as they might eat up all your product You can buy scarecrows to keep them away or you can shoo them yourself. Good luck Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Blocky Farm Blocky Farm Bejeweled style matching game. Swap adjacent vegetables to create horizontal or vertical chains of three or more of the same farm items. Get enough score before time runs out to advance to the next level. Watch out for remaining time Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Farm Mania Farm Mania Help her to develop an old farm from zero to hero and to get an excellent mark from her graduation work. You will not only plant and sell the crops. No way Youll have the opportunity to bake tasty pies and bread make warm scarfs and gloves. 7Age 10 months ago report
  • Click Farm Click Farm The farm life has never been so easy Click your farm and watch it grow purchase upgrades and watch it grow all by itself. Unlock new items and abilities by increasing levels and before you know it you will be the best farmer in the world Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Farm To Fork Farm To Fork Build up your bakery as you add ingredients sell them for profit. Buy new machines as you progress Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Masha and The Bear Farming Masha and The Bear Farming Enjoy a sunny day working hard in this Masha and the Bear farming game and you will soon become one of the richest farmers out there. Complete the task each day by planting seeds and collecting crops. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Tractor At The Farm Tractor At The Farm Drive your tractor the farm to find a job Your first mission is to drive across grassy hills. When you reach the farm you will be challenged to collect bails of straw. Perform every task successfully to avoid being fired 7Age 1 year ago report
  • Farm Craft 2 Farm Craft 2 Manage the farm as you dig up grass and plant items. Gather items and take them to the barn. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party Farm Frenzy Pizza Party Return to the farm to create the ingredients you need to make pizzas. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Farm Animals Word Search Farm Animals Word Search Find all the 12 farm animals on the word list. Click and drag to highlight the group of letters that make up the word. If the letters you highlighted are right the word will fade in the word list. Word list contains states from Alabama to Illinois in alphabetical order. Try to find all the states as fast as you can. Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Masha And The Bear Farm Adventure Masha And The Bear Farm Adventure Enjoy a great new game featuring Masha and her friend the Bear in one of their adventures at the farm.They are looking for some really hard to find birds and plants.You can join them in their quest and try to help them the hidden objects at the farm.Have fun 7Age 6 months ago report
  • Farm House HN Farm House HN Farm House HN is another point and click type hidden number game from Games2dress. Assess your observing skill by finding the hidden numbers which are in the Farm House pictures. Avoid clicking unnecessarily as otherwise your score will get reduced. Good luck and have fun Like a Gamer 3 months ago report
  • Barbie's Round Up Barbie's Round Up Assist Barbie in rounding up the escaped piglets Someone forgot the shut the barn door and now the pigs are all over the farm. Aim your lasso at the grunts to rope them back into the barn. Catch all of the piglets before the sun sets 7Age 1 year ago report
  • Potherbs Farm Potherbs Farm The best part of living in a farm is to grow your own plants. It is not only healthy but also fun to take care of a farm and plants Here grandma is running a farm by herself. But today it would be great if you can help her because she has a backache. First you need to grub then put the seeds water and wait till they grow. After they are grown enough you can sell them in order to meet the daily target. 7Age 8 months ago report
  • BABY HAZEL TOMATO FARMING BABY HAZEL TOMATO FARMING Baby Hazel is decided to grow her own tomatoes. Let us give her a hand to prepare the seeds for planting. Next you need to gather all the gardening tools and supplies to make a good tomatoes harvest. Plow the soil plant the seeds add compost and water them. After a while baby Hazel s plants will turn into beautiful fresh tomatoes. Have fun PlayGirlie 1 year ago report
Showing 43 - 84 of 1,633 for 'Farming'