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  • Nords - Heroes of the North Nords - Heroes of the North Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Shingård. Lead a motley army of Elves, Dragons, Northmen, and Orcs - all of whom have set aside their differences to defend their homeland against an evil Ice Queen and her swarm of undead as they aim to condemn the land to an eternal winter! Developed by a team of hardcore gamers, artists, and technical gurus, Nords includes MMO strategy gameplay, 3D battle animation, and a wide range of new RPG features. In their latest production, Plarium continues to deliver superb strategy gaming and hardcore gameplay.Become a Hero! Seize the glory! Kill off the zombies and stop Shingård from becoming a giant walk-in freezer! Plarium 2 years ago report
  • Elvenar Elvenar Elvenar is a city-building Strategy-MMO from InnoGames, set in an exotic fantasy world. Tasked with creating a flourishing city, players can choose between Elves or Humans as a starting race. The choice influences the way the players' cities and inhabitants look and which technologies and units are at their disposal. Between managing resources, levelling up buildings and unlocking new perks, players should also pay attention to the multiplayer-map if they want to find valuable relics. Yet, players might have to fight numerous fantastic creatures for them. The world of Elvenar is filled with, fantastic buildings and units in colorful, lush environments. The game's strategic battles are 3D- animated, with up to 20 different monster and unit types, which make each encounter unique. InnoGames 2 years ago report
  • Dead Frontier Dead Frontier Dead Frontier is the ultimate survival horror MMORPG. Log in and play with thousands of real players from around the globe as you struggle for survival in a zombie infested city. CPMStar 2 years ago report
  • Danger Dungeon Danger Dungeon No description available. 8Bob 2 years ago report
  • Drow\'s Fury Drow\'s Fury <p>A top-down fantasy action Role Playing Game. You are a dark elf weapons master who has escaped from the underworld to save your princess from the Dark Lord\'s followers who want to sacrifice her in a black magic ritual.</p> GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Battle Dawn Battle Dawn You begin as the leader of a small colony and through diplomacy, strategy and skill you?ll expand your rule over the entire world establish your colony, expand your borders, and build up a great army. You will outwit and out-maneuver your enemies and forge long lasting friendships with your allies,the ones that won?t betray you of course. TacticSoft 2 years ago report
  • One Piece 2 One Piece 2 Play the sequel to the hit Anime themed browser game for free! The great treasure, One Piece, is hidden somewhere deep in the Grand Line, and the one who finds it can be the Pirates King! CPMStar 9 months ago report
  • Knightfall Knightfall <p>Through 5 scenarios, the Knight seeks his stolen love, imprisoned by the Devil himself. Showcasing a new spin (literally) on the puzzle RPG genre, you must guide your Knight to each level\'s exit by drilling away the blocks he stands on, and letting gravity take effect! By rotating the entire game board, you can guide him anywhere you wish; into confrontations with the monsters that dwell in the dungeons, or to greedily grab the treasures that litter the game - be careful not to run out of stamina, though! Collect enough currency, and you can buy potions, spells, armour and other trinkets from a shop staffed by a helpful fairy. 3 skill levels cater for absolute beginners, right up to the most hardened strategy fan, 2 different game modes provide essential replayability and a host of achievements await the completist!</p>\r\n<p>Can you save the princess armed with nothing more than a rusting medieval drill and a sense of derring-do?</p> GameKos 2 years ago report
  • Chronicles of Nerdia Chronicles of Nerdia Chronicles of Nerdia is a great RPG game where you'll play as a superhero! Make your superhero dreams come true and rescue the world Plinga 7 months ago report
  • Buccaneer Buccaneer No description available. Yomza 1 year ago report
  • Infinite Mario Infinite Mario No description available. 8Bob 2 years ago report
  • Sacred Treasure Sacred Treasure No description available. Yomza 1 year ago report
  • Hitman Sniper Hitman Sniper Follow your mission briefs and complete the mission. GameGox 2 years ago report
  • Pre Civilization Bronze Age Pre Civilization Bronze Age Rule your people and defend your empire in the Mesopotamian Middle East between 6000 BC and 2000 BC. 4J 8 months ago report
  • NYC Mafiosi NYC Mafiosi New York City, 1929: welcome to the height of the American Prohibition. The Five Families have cornered the illegal liquor distribution in all five boroughs of the city. Your father, the Don of the Leonesi Family Mafia, is assassinated on the street: inheriting the crown, it is now up to you - as boss - to restore the supremacy of your Family and take back the streets that you used to own. Capisce? GameKos 3 years ago report
  • Dungeon Defender Enhanced Dungeon Defender Enhanced Dungeon Defender Enhanced is a blend of real time strategy and tower defense. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Elmarock Adventures Elmarock Adventures <p>Story about how Elmarock saves his wife from evil Baron!</p>\r\n<p>Move with arrow keys and all other is in-game.</p> GameKos 3 years ago report
  • Gauntlet of Daronia Gauntlet of Daronia <p>Your goal in this turn based RPG is to become the new Champion of Daronia, but you are not alone seeking that ultimate prize! Heroes and creatures from all the Lands are looking to take that prestige title for themselves.</p>\r\n<p>Can you overcome the fierce competition and become a legendary hero or will you succumb and be forgotten like many before you?</p>\r\n<p>Making strategic decisions on how to train your Gladiator and choosing the right skills for him or her is&nbsp; of great importance to stand a chance.</p>\r\n<p>The game has been finished.</p>\r\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\r\n<p>A few Feature-Highlights:</p>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>3 distinct Characters to choose from</li>\r\n<li>Strategic Character Development</li>\r\n<li>Countless randomized Encounters</li>\r\n<li>Can adjust difficulty before each battle</li>\r\n<li>Highscore System, always a reason to come back and try again.</li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\r\n<p>Instructions: Mouse; Tutorial ingame</p> GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Egg Knight Egg Knight No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • King's Island 2 King's Island 2 What is Kaptivo up to? What?!? Did he become an Arcane Warrior?!?! If you want to know what it's all about, just play KI2!! King's Island is a hack'n'slash action rpg game that uses a simple point and click system. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Instant Noodles Instant Noodles No description available. 8Bob 2 years ago report
  • Ray Part 3 Ray Part 3 No description available. 8Bob 2 years ago report
  • That Pokeyman Thing Your Grandkids Are Into That Pokeyman Thing Your Grandkids Are Into A game about a grandfather trying to find his grandson who is addicted to Pokemon GO. The fad came strong, all of sudden people started going outside, but to what end?! Experience the latest monster-capturing mobile game craze through the eyes of a man who aged out of its target demographic half a century ago! Embark on an epic scavenger hunt for dumb-looking creatures throughout the vast expanse of "the area immediately outside of your nursing home"! Interact with whippersnappers, punk teenagers, and respect-worthy elders! Meet colorful characters like "Peekachorp", "Charblezorb", and "Literally A Ball With A Face On It"! (Use WASD to move, Space Bar to talk to NPCs, and click on your phone to interact with it. All controls can be customized in the Options menu!) Enjoy it on Creetor. Creetor 9 months ago report
  • Age of Wars Age of Wars In battle, collect 3 identical item for the strike. GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Battle Sail Battle Sail Battle Sail takes you to the Golden Age of Piracy. Battle Sails is a turn-based strategy game. Taken place in the 1670s where you will lead your nation to prosperity. Your goal is to conquer the Caribbean territory with your ships and wits. Manage your region by building fortresses to defend, purchase merchant ship to increase revenue, to build warship to conquer other territories. Make diplomatic policy with other leaders. Sign or break peace treaties with them at your convenience. Creetor 9 months ago report
  • Battle Sticks Battle Sticks Battle Sticks is an action filled stickman game. The game is filled with awesome environment to add more cuteness to this stickman actions. Objective of the game is to fight with opposite stickmen in the harbour and kill them with the blows.No mouse events only keyboard makes it more comfortable to all including childre. Game is a fun filled with action.rnrnUse keyboard arrows for stick movements,and S-Punch,X-Spin Kick,C-Face kick. GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Stones Masters Stones Masters Stones Masters: Puzzle Tournament is a mix of swapping jewels and a role playing game. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Adventures Escape 3 Adventures Escape 3 These people are continuing their trip further and are getting into a deep forest. JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Turn-Based RPG Demo Turn-Based RPG Demo A turnbased stick rpg game. Create a character and get him to fight to earn money and experience. Like a Gamer 1 year ago report
  • Otomaco Last Jade Journey Otomaco Last Jade Journey No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • Shadowreign RPG Shadowreign RPG The kingdom is under attack and you are its only hope of rescue. You start as a simple wanderer, but will soon grow powerful as you battle the enemy. Are you the hero of which the prophecies speak or is the kingdom really doomed? Speak with people you meet for new quests and equip your character with the items you buy or find. BubbleBox 7 months ago report
  • Pestilence Z Pestilence Z Pestilence Z is a turn based RPG, zombie survival game with hours of gameplay and content. That includes; 3 playable characters (3 skill trees each), tons of zombie types, maps (and secret 8 secret maps), item searching and over 602 possible different equipable items. In addition, it also features several minutes of cinematic animations and an original sound track. Uncover the truth! BubbleBox 7 months ago report
  • Medieval Wars 2 Medieval Wars 2 Unlock different units playing the campaign.rnPlay more than 400 user created maps. GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Spell Rain Spell Rain Accept the Challenge! Gain titles, rise to the top and become Champion in this in-depth tactical RPG. Choose between 50 Skills, 120 Unlockable Spells and Abilities and dive into its extensive RPG Game System. Browse the Marketplace, hundrends of items to choose from: Weapons, Armor, Potions, Scrolls, Traps and lots more... Mankiz 4 years ago report
  • Robomon Arena Robomon Arena No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • The House 2 The House 2 The House 2 The House 2 is an interactive point and click horror game. The story does that there is a house in a small town that was abandoned for decades. It used to belong to a wealthy family, but one day they all committed suicide, include the father, mother, daughter, and maids. People in the town start believing that this house is cursed. From time to time passerby can hear a woman's scream. Do you dare to enter? Use your mouse to interact with objects and environment inside the game. For example, to enter the house you must break the wooden logs nailed to the door by repeatedly clicking on it to break it down. Figure out how to get into the different section of the house. Be advised you must be 13 years or older to not crap your pants. So yea you have been warned. Turn off your lights and turn up the sound and prepare to be scared. Enjoy it on Creetor. Creetor 8 months ago report
  • Fatal Fighters 2 Fatal Fighters 2 Fatal Fighters 2 story is a matching RPG strategy game. A gang of robbers had attacked your village. Protect and save the your village. Match stones with the same color/symbol to collect points, when you have enough points for a particular color/symbol, you'll be able to that particular ability on the selected enemy. Also features 2 player mode to compete with friends on the same computer. Enjoy it on Creetor. Creetor 9 months ago report
  • Silent Hill - Room 304 Silent Hill - Room 304 No description available. Zdoz 2 years ago report
  • Undead Throne Undead Throne Action RPG with tons of creatures, henchmen, spells, items and a huge world map JoinGamer 2 years ago report
  • Dark Legion 2 Dark Legion 2 <p>Evil is back, stronger and smarter! Turn based horror game!</p>\r\n<p>Dark legion 2 is sequel to great RPG horror strategy game Dark Legion 1. The goal of the game is to beat all the monsters by matching three or more same types of the symbols or by using various spells.</p>\r\n<p>Please check ingame \"How to play\" section.</p>\r\n<p><strong>The game contains 80 levels in Story mode and 3 challenges modes. The minimum gameplay time is 1000 minutes</strong>!</p> GameGox 3 years ago report
  • Caravaneer 2 Caravaneer 2 Many years ago our world was very different. The whole planet was covered with huge... CrazyGames 5 months ago report
  • Escape from the moon Escape from the moon Escape from the moon is another fun adventure escape game by This time the space station you were on board was hit by a meteor storm. The impact severely damaged the station\'s systems and you discovered an oxygen leak. Escape back to earth before it\'s too late. Good luck and have fun :) GameGox 3 years ago report
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