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Animal Quiz Animal Quiz

Animal Quiz

By PlayJolt on July 3, 2020 14:29

Play Animal Quiz game online! In this application you will find 100 pictures of famous mammals 89 photos of birds 19 reptiles and 4 amphibians 44 fishes 46 arthropods all over world Both wild animals and domestic animals The whole zoo Can you guess them all It is one of best games about animals All animals are divided into five corresponding levels 1 Mammals African rhinoceros and hippopotamus Australian echidna and platypus Is meerkat or groundhog Try to guess today 2 Birds small American robin and giant ostrich Africa flamingo and emu Australia even penguins Antarctica 3 Reptiles and Amphibians python and alligator Komodo dragon and giant Gal pagos tortoise 4 Fish sharks and piranha to salmon and sturgeon 5 Arthropods - insects spiders crayfish Can you distinguish mantis scorpion
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