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Battleship War Multiplayer Battleship War Multiplayer

Battleship War Multiplayer

By Kizi on May 4, 2020 10:54

In Battleship War Multiplayer, you can fight against the other players with the addition of the online multiplayer gameplay mode! Declaring war on the CPU enemies is effortless, so try your luck against real players around the world to test yourself. Can you survive against the constant attacks of your enemies? Get your fleet into the position, because this naval battle is about to start. You can play both the solo and the multiplayer version, and your only goal is to defeat your enemy before they defeat you. To start your fight against other players, write a nickname and pick either quick match or create a match option. When you're paired with someone, the battle is just a few clicks away. Place your ships into the position by using the strategy panel. You can randomize their location by using the shuffle button located in the top right corner of the panel. When the game starts, click on a slot to shoot a missile. The one who destroys the fleet of the other wins the game. With heroes like you, civilians can sleep safely at night. Let your victories inspire the stories and claim your place in history! Looking for more games like this? Click here to check our collection of online war games. Have fun! Developer Code This Lab developed Battleship War Multiplayer. Release Date July 18, 2018 Features Online multiplayer gameplay 2 different game modes Colorful 2D graphics Intuitive controls Controls Use your mouse to play this game. War
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