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Game of Dragons 3D Game of Dragons 3D

Game of Dragons 3D


By AddictingGames on July 2, 2020 07:32

Game of Dragons 3-D is a free sandbox game. The humans of future Earth have dealt with many obstacles on their road to building a science fiction utopia. What they haven't dealt with is the anger and power of a reincarnated dragon let loose in the future. Now, in Game of Dragons 3-D you take on the role of Djimmy Andragos, the future dragon. The dragon who can stomp citizens on the ground, fly through the air, breathe fire and smash buildings. Take revenge on the future world with your fiery breath and own the map as you fly, smash, shoot fireballs, breathe fire, and make this a true game of dragons... in 3-D. This is a free sandbox game where you take control of a deadly dragon who can stomp around town, fly far above it, breathe fire, and shoot fireballs. Don't settle for a simple car game that only lets you drive around. In Game of Dragons 3-D, you are Djimmy AAndragos an angry dragon who can stomp around the city of the future and breathe fire on their despicable citizens. Prepare yourself;f for the free game of a lifetime. No upgrades, bonuses, leaderboards or points here. Its nothing but fire and dragons. It's awesome. You'll love it.
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