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Geometry Dash Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash


By SilverGames on June 6, 2019 15:05

Geometry Dash is a free reaction game played on an obstacle track, with a cool electronic music to keep you going. It is easy enough to play, but fiendishly difficult to master the parkour. You are in control of single square character, who will jump at the push of button or the tap of the screen. It's really simple and doesn't immediately signal just how much player skill will be needed to master it and uncover new levels. You just push once, and it jumps on its head, usually leaping over whatever obstruction it is about to face on the track. All the while your character will happily speed forward, without a care in the world. It will be utterly oblivious to the many dangerous and lethal obstacles it as hurtling towards as you play. Your task and responsibility will be to trigger a jump in time to avoid spiky obstacles littered along the way. But to also leap on top of solid blocks that would otherwise put an end to your run, by stubbornly refusing to give way when you run into them face-first. Play Geometry Dash online and master each level of this action platformer with diligent practice and dedication. It may seem an impossible or near impossible challenge at first. How can you make it to the next official level of this fast-paced dash game by Robert Topala? Where other games take your hand in practice mode or let you toy around with the controls in arcade mode, Geometry Dash does not sugar-coat its unflinching difficulty. You will find yourself leading your hapless square into death after death, over and over again. But don't worry, you will barely have time to mourn the passing of yet another attempt to reach the end of the level. Because in a fraction of a second you will be back on the track again, running straight into danger. Maybe this time your reflexes will allow you to avoid sudden death. Memorize all the challenges, traps and problems you will face in each level, while your score counter keeps going up. These geometry games ask a lot of their players, maybe even more than other free online games ask of players. Your skills need to be extraordinary to make it to the end of the official levels, and start work on your own online levels. Geometry Dash will keep a running score of how often you've died, as well as how many stars you've collected on your runs. In the home menu, you can spend 50 of those stars to buy new icons for your square player character. The range from simple designs to nerd references like Pikachu, Flappy Bird or Hello Kitty. Keep going, racking up stars, high scores and deaths until you break all the geometry records in the world. How long can you last? How skilled will you become playing Geometry Dash games? Once you have mastered this game, why not take the challenge up a notch with Geometry Dash Online or Geometry Dash Neon Subzero? Don't let gravity keep your form jumping on this opportunity to explore new levels. Don't forget to buy the full version of the game! Controls: Arrow up / W = jump
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