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Knife Storm Knife Storm

Knife Storm


By TwoPlayerGames on August 21, 2019 05:53

Knife Storm game lets you enjoy and use various unique knifes in 3 different gameplays. 3 different gameplay mode could be played solo or 2 Player. In "Classic" mode, you need to throw all the knives successfully to a rotating table or fruits etc. Knives cannot hit each other! In the "Shoot" mode, you need to throw knives at flying fruits; you should avoid the bombs and keep an eye on remaining time! In the third mode, "Ninja", you will try to slice the flying fruits by using the mouse... If you could slice fruits synchronically, you can earn combo points. You need to watch out for bombs in this mode as well! If you slice a bomb, it is a game over! You may collect apples for extra points and unlock special knives! Game Features: 3 different gameplays 24 unique knives which could be purchased from the Store! Ninja and Far East based thematic sound effects and graphics! Touchscreen and keyboard controls.
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