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Santa Solitaire Santa Solitaire

Santa Solitaire

By AddictingGames on July 2, 2020 07:36

Santa Solitaire is a card game. Christmas is over so Santa needs to kick back, relax, and enjoy some fun Christmas themed solitaire games. Join Santa in this single-player adventure where you must organize an entire deck of Christmas themed cards and deplete the deck in order to win the game. Solitaire is a classic, age-old game that will test your wits as you tactically maneuver cards around and try to get them where they need to be when they need to be, and in the most optimized fashion. You may have played solitaire before but you've probably never played Santa Solitaire before. Santa Solitaire is a devastatingly simple and excruciatingly fun game where you will prove your worth by organizing, optimizing, and eliminating your cards. As you progress through the levels, the spreads will change and become more complex. You will also be scored on time, so, remember to try and move as fast as possible but not so fast that you wind up making mistakes. Mistakes are the last thing you wanna do. Remember: Santa hates mistakes. So, be smart but also be fast.
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