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Scrap Metal 3 Scrap Metal 3

Scrap Metal 3


By SilverGames on June 6, 2019 15:06

Scrap Metal 3 is a cool driving game to speed around with awesome all grounders through a huge desert. Whenever you want, you can switch between a ,ÄúJeed Veroke,Äù, a ,ÄúSobaru Enpreza,Äù, a powerful monster truck and more vehicles. You can also place ramps, loops, balls and even a poor little person you can roll over. Feel free to do whatever you want with no rules or other cars getting in your way. Enjoy the cool graphics of this great driving game. Have fun with Scrap Metal 3! Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake, R = repair, T = slow down time, I = inventory
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