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Stickman Gun Shooter 3D Stickman Gun Shooter 3D

Stickman Gun Shooter 3D


By PlayJolt on November 28, 2019 15:49

Play Stickman Gun Shooter 3D game online! Warning contains blood and shooting You are a stickman Kill and snipe the enemy stickmen - you have to strike first or they will kill you How long will you survive the before you are dead In this amazing 3D shooter game there will be everything you ever wanted Features - Fully 3D stickman and level - Blood Lots of Blooood effects - Ragdoll physics based death animations - Many Weapons guns a shotgun a machine gun mp5 m16 ak-47 uzi - Hours of shooting fun - Lots of death Instructions - Try to not die for as long as possible Every enemy stickman should fear you as you hunt down and shoot them Music dem0lecule-Global-Mechanization
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