What are Incremental Games?

Incremental Games, also known as Idle Games or Clicker Games, are a type of relaxed and casual games based on continuous accumulation and gradual upgrading. The goal of this type of game is usually to further increase the output or benefits in the game by constantly clicking on the screen or waiting to automatically obtain resources. In short, Incremental Games are especially suitable for players who don’t want to spend too much time on games and focus on managing and operating game revenue.

Explore the wondrous worlds created for you by Incremental Games

Incremental gaming is characterized by its unique way of progression. You obtain initial resources by clicking on the screen or performing some simple interactive activities. You can then use these resources to purchase automation equipment, upgrade skills, and unlock new functions to further increase the speed of resource generation or obtain additional rewards. Games usually have multiple levels or stages, each with different challenges and rewards, allowing you to gradually make progress in the game. The story backgrounds of Incremental Games are very different, and the game content is also obviously different. But one thing is for sure, Incremental Games are designed for leisure.

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