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What are Platform Games?

Platform Games are usually 2D side-scrolling games in which players need to play various types of characters to travel through different levels. Platform Games contains a lot of content, including adventure, fighting, shooting, and other elements. The more well-known classic Platform Games include "Super Mario Bros" and "Rockman".

How to choose a great Platform Game?

For Platform Games, level design is very important. To prevent players from being bored and truly immersing themselves in the game, the design of the platform is crucial. Each level's map needs to be unique to give players a sense of satisfaction and exploration as they jump and reach platforms. On Freegames.com, we provide you with a variety of interesting and exciting Platform games. We detail that you will be immersed in our cleverly designed levels and feel the charm of Platform Games.

Platform parkour, an immersive gameplay

There are usually many platforms in the levels of platform parkour games that require players to reach by jumping, climbing, falling, etc. Players need to cross these obstacles to reach the end of the level and fight enemies in the process. You will be filled with the desire to explore the map and reach deeper.

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