Coffee Stacky
Coffee Stacky
Coffee Stacky
Coffee Stacky
Coffee Stacky
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Coffee Stacky is a thrilling arcade game that combines strategy and reaction speed. In the game, you will be in a unique coffee-making workshop and need to collect cups, coffee liquid, bowl lids, and cup sets within a limited time to make as much coffee as possible.

Hey friends! Welcome to Coffee Stacky - an exciting collectible arcade game! Are you ready? In this game, you will play the role of a coffee-making super master. Your task is to collect cups, green coffee liquid, bowl lids, and cup sets on each level by collecting them on the platforms to complete the mission. When you cross the finish line, you'll need to avoid traps and keep your hands free to collect and make more coffee if you want higher scores and rewards. The more coffee cups you make, the more rewards you will win! Let’s take a look at what features this game has!

What are the Key Features of Coffee Stacky?

  • Exciting collecting experience: You will experience the exciting collecting fun. Act quickly and collect enough cups, coffee liquid, bowl lids, and cup sets to make delicious coffee!
  • Diverse level design: There are multiple levels in the game waiting for your challenge. Each level has a unique layout and obstacles, making your gaming experience richer and more diverse.
  • Thrilling Traps: Beware! There are various traps waiting for you in the game. You need to be flexible and avoid them to ensure that your coffee-making tasks go smoothly.
  • Cute Game Characters: Your cute role-playing game. Has unique characteristics and skills to make your gaming process more interesting!

How to play this game?

  • Control character movement: Control the character to move in the workshop by touching the screen. When collecting cups, coffee liquid, bowl lids, and cup sets, be careful not to fall or hit obstacles!
  • Avoid traps and obstacles: In the game, you will face a variety of traps and obstacles. Be alert and avoid them before they hinder your coffee-making mission.
  • Collect coffee mugs and accessories: Use your quick hand-eye coordination to collect as many coffee mugs and accessories as possible. Remember, the more coffee cups you collect, the more rewards you will win!

Recommendation to Players:

It is an addictive arcade game suitable for all friends who like challenges and collections. It not only provides an exciting gaming experience but also exercises your reaction speed and hand-eye coordination. The diverse levels and cute character designs in the game will make you have endless fun in the game. Come and challenge yourself, collect more coffee cups, and win huge rewards!

How to Win in the Game?

The key is to stay agile and focused. Collect as many coffee cups and accessories as possible by avoiding traps and obstacles. Make as much coffee as possible within the limited time to get higher scores and rewards. At the same time, choosing the right character and utilizing their traits and skills will help improve your gaming performance. Remember, you can only truly become a coffee-making master by completing tasks within the stipulated time and avoiding falling into traps!


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