Pet Island Survival
Pet Island Survival
Pet Island Survival
Pet Island Survival
Pet Island Survival
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Pet Island is an interesting hyper-casual Typhoon game. You land on a new island, try to collect items and create your first pet, then unlock more items and pets.

Welcome to Pet Island Survival! This is a super fun and ultra-casual Typhoon game, suitable for all friends who like adventure and collection! In this game, you will land on a brand new island, work hard to collect items, and create your first pet! Unlock more items and pets, use dragon fruit to open new areas, and then transport the corresponding items to the target pets to expand the range of new islands through upgrades. More surprises are waiting for you to explore!

What are the Key Features of Pet Island Survival?

  • Exciting and Casual: Pet Island is a super casual game suitable for players of all ages. Whether you are a child or an adult, you can easily get started and enjoy the game.
  • Rich and diverse pets: In Pet Island, you can create your own pets, from cute puppies and kittens to weird and fantastic creatures. Each pet has unique characteristics and skills that you won't be able to put down.
  • Wonderful Island Adventure: As the game progresses, you will unlock new areas and islands. Each island is full of mysteries and surprises, waiting for you to explore. Use your wits and skills to discover the island's treasures and secrets.
  • Challenging Levels: In Pet Island, you need to complete various tasks and challenges. From collecting specific items to solving puzzles, each level is filled with fun and challenges. Show off your skills and strategies and become the best Pet Island adventurer!

How to play this game?

  • Collect items: Explore the island and find various useful items. These items can be used to create your pet, unlock new areas, or complete other tasks.
  • Create a pet: Using the collected items, you can create your own pet. Choose your favorite appearance and skills to make your pet unique.
  • Unlock new areas: Use dragon fruit to unlock new areas and islands. Each area has unique landscapes and challenges waiting for you to explore.
  • Transport Items: Transport the collected items to the target pet. Make sure items reach your pet by solving puzzles and using the correct path.
  • Upgrade Expansion: By completing tasks and challenges, you can earn rewards and upgrade your pets and islands. After upgrading, you will get more skills and new functions, making your adventure more colorful.

Recommendation to Players:

It not only allows you to experience the fun of adventure and collecting but also cultivates your creativity and strategic thinking! You need to constantly collect items, create your favorite pets, and unlock new areas. Each area has different tasks and challenges, making your adventure full of surprises and fun!


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