Home Rush: Draw To Go Home
Home Rush: Draw To Go Home
Home Rush: Draw To Go Home
Home Rush: Draw To Go Home
Home Rush: Draw To Go Home
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Home Rush: Draw To Go Home is a simple but interesting puzzle drawing game. Draw lines between parents and babies and help them reach their corresponding house. Start playing now and enjoy the rescue puzzle game here, Fighting!
Home Rush: Draw to Go Home is an addictive and simple puzzle drawing game. You need to help parents find their baby and get home by drawing a line. Challenge various levels with increasing difficulty, unlock new characters, and showcase your creativity by solving this home rush draw puzzle. It is suitable for all ages and offers multiple game modes for endless enjoyment anytime, anywhere. Enjoy and Fighting!

How to play:

  • Draw a line from the feet of two parents and pick up the child to go home
  • Avoid two parents bumping into each other
  • Pay attention to holding the baby of the same color, and don't hold them wrong.
  • Pay attention to avoid obstacles: roadside fences, pits, vicious dogs...
  • Mobile phone all gold coins
  • Make sure everyone goes home safely and wins the game


  • Rich and interesting levels
  • There are many methods to clear customs
  • Fully exercise your ability to solve puzzles and draw
  • Vivid and interesting picture: parents and baby will cheer together after customs clearance, and they will cry when they fail
  • Applicable for PC and mobile devices on web browser

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Home Rush: Draw To Go Home is a popular app game developed by Mirai Studio PTE. LTD.  If you are not satisfied with this simple html5 online game, you can download it on Google Play!


Draw from the leg of the villains to babies
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