City Baby Agent
City Baby Agent
City Baby Agent
City Baby Agent
City Baby Agent
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City Baby Agent is a third-person city simulator game. As a baby agent, the citizens ask you to complete a number of tasks to protect the city from the bad guys. There are vehicles, aid bags, and weapons on the road and you need to collect them from the criminals who attack the sticky people.

In this game, you'll have the option to choose from various game modes and control your character as you navigate through the city in search of targets. Select vehicles or weapons to aid you in completing your objectives. Success is achieved by accomplishing your mission. Don't forget to use your mission rewards to purchase additional weapons and equipment. When necessary, you can even drive vehicles to eliminate targets. Get ready to unleash your spy skills and become the ultimate City Baby Agent!

How to unlock Free Mode?

  • Complete missions in Mission Mode: There are six levels for you to play tasks by grabbing cars and driving to the target places.
  • Use the reward button: See the ads and unlock all levels to unlock the Free Mode directly.

Game Features:

  • Upgrade your character's HP and Power: You can spend the money you earn by tapping the plus buttons. 
  • Unlock more baby agents: The homepage has nine different roles, you can use the money to unlock them except the initial yellow role.
  • The weapons you can buy and unlock: You could buy and equip AK47, Pistol, Armor, Rockets, RPG, Gatling, and Gun bullets.

Recommendation to Players:

In early levels, you don't have enough money to buy better equipment items. You can grab cars to crash armed enemies. Then you will complete the levels easily.


W or up arrow key = accelerate
A or left arrow key = move left
S or right arrow key = move right
D or down arrow key = decelerate
Mouse = control views and use skills
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