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What are Action Games?

Action Games are a type of game where players need to control characters to complete various mission objectives. Action Games contain a large number of action and combat elements, and players usually need quick reactions and precise control to complete attacks or avoid opponents' attacks. As a game that values the player's operating skills, the player's reaction speed determines the progress and outcome of the game. In Action Games, you have many types of weaponry to choose from, such as guns, swords, or fighting with your fists.

Main features of Action Games: Everything is real-time

Action Games emphasize real-time combat. Unlike turn-based games where players take turns taking action against their opponents, Action Games require players to make split-second decisions in dynamic developments and intense battles. Whether fighting off hordes of zombies, engaging in high-speed car chases, or engaging in epic sword duels, action games always provide players with a sense of excitement and intensity through real-time combat mechanics that no other game genre can match. In short, it's very easy to get immersed in it.

Challenge different enemies and feel the adrenaline rush. Action Games usually focus on the rhythm and tension of the action, which will make you immersed in the scene, thus generating excitement and motivation to keep playing.

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