Wobbly Boxing
Wobbly Boxing
Wobbly Boxing
Wobbly Boxing
Wobbly Boxing
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Wobbly Boxing is a very interesting three-dimensional boxing game. You can have a single challenge with a computer opponent or a two-player battle with friends, both of which allow you to experience the real feeling of boxing.

Hey friends, welcome to Wobbly Boxing! This is a fun and unique 3D boxing game that pits you against a computer opponent or a friend in a two-player battle in the ring. Unlike traditional boxing games, characters in Wobbly Boxing are made up of multiple spheres, giving them a shaky and playful look.

How to Play Wobbly Boxing:

In Wobbly Boxing, you need to use various boxing moves to defeat your opponent. By ducking and dodging your opponent's attacks while finding opportunities to counterattack. Hit a continuous combination of punches, actively defend and attack, and win the game!

Key Features:

  • Unique characters: Embark on a boxing adventure with the orb character, rocking out in the ring and looking super fun!
  • Wonderful moves: evade your opponent's attacks by shaking and dodging to maximize your boxing skills.
  • Exciting sound effects: With exciting sound effects and music, you can feel the real boxing atmosphere.

How to avoid getting knocked down by your opponent?

  1. Observe your opponent: Carefully observe your opponent’s boxing movements and attack patterns to predict their next move.
  2. Dodge attacks: Use the dodge button to dodge your opponent's attacks and try to avoid their punches.
  3. Seize the opportunity: Find the right moment to counterattack. When your opponent attacks, you can dodge or launch an effective counterattack.
  4. Stay on defense: Always be alert and use the boxing button to defend and reduce your opponent's attack damage.


WASD or ARROW KEYS to walk
Click with the mouse to attack and hit combo punches.
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