Orange Farm
Orange Farm
Orange Farm
Orange Farm
Orange Farm
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Orange Farm is a fun match-3 farm game where players need to shoot balls to knock down oranges, enrich their own orchard, and harvest fruits for sale. This game not only has exciting gameplay but also allows players to feel the fun of farming and exercise their thinking and reaction skills.

How to play the Bubble shoot?

  • Know the goal: The goal of the game is to clear the bubbles on the screen by shooting bubbles of the same color. You need to strategically aim and shoot bubbles to create groups of three or more bubbles of the same color to make them disappear.
  • Aim and shoot: Aim the bubble launcher on your device. The shooter is usually located at the bottom of the screen. Move it left or right to aim at the desired location on the screen.
  • Shoot bubbles: After aiming at the location you want to shoot, click the left mouse button or tap the screen to release the bubbles. The bubble will then move towards the target point.
  • Create groups: Your goal is to create groups of three or more bubbles of the same color. When the bubbles you shoot join a group of bubbles of the same color, they burst and disappear from the screen. The more bubbles you pop at once, the more points you get.
  • Use walls and obstacles: In some bubble shooter games, you can use walls and obstacles strategically to make bubbles bounce off them and reach hard-to-reach areas.
  • Clear the screen: Keep shooting bubbles and creating groups until the entire screen of bubbles is cleared. The game is won when there are no bubbles on the screen.

What are the key features of the Orange Farm?

  • Match 3 Farm: Complete match 3 by shooting down oranges and clearing balls of the same color to drop more oranges.
  • Orchard Harvest: Plant oranges harvest the fruits, and obtain gold coins and rewards by selling the fruits.
  • Beautiful graphics and sound effects: The game uses exquisite graphic design and pleasant sound effects to bring players audio-visual enjoyment.
  • Manage the orchard: Collect the fruits and sell them, and the money earned can be used to plant more fruit trees, thereby increasing the output of the orchard.

Recommendation to Players:

Orange Farm is a very fun and exciting farming game. Its match-3 gameplay is unique and addictive. The game has exquisite graphics and pleasant sound effects, bringing players audio-visual enjoyment. The settings of levels and challenges are also very rich. Players can choose according to their own preferences and abilities.


Hold down the left mouse button to shoot
Click the mouse to operate as needed
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