What are Killing Games?

Killing Games are a type of games with survival and combat themes. Players are placed in a closed environment and need to compete fiercely with other players until there is only one survivor left. These games focus on strategy, resource management, and combat skills, and players need to use their wits and skills to survive.


  • Survival competition: The core of Killing Games is survival competition. Players must try to survive in a brutal environment. They need to adopt strategies, find resources and weapons, and fight other players to stay alive.
  • Confined environment: These games are usually set in a relatively small area, such as an island, a prison, or an arena. Such an environment increases the confrontation and tension between players. Players must search for resources within a limited area while avoiding being targeted by other players.
  • Limited time mechanism: In order to increase the tension of the game, Killing Games usually sets a limited time, for example, each game only has a certain length. This forces players to act more aggressively to avoid being eliminated due to time constraints. Players need to take effective actions within a limited time to fight enemies or find safe areas.

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