Crazy Cannons
Crazy Cannons
Crazy Cannons
Crazy Cannons
Crazy Cannons
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Crazy Cannons is a casual shooting game on You are going to shoot your enemy, and you will win if your blood is more than his.

You are a cute giraffe and you will beat your component bull on a tank with cannos. You should find the right angle and best shooting speed to kill the strong bull. The rule is really simple:

  • Aim using the mouse, or hold touch and drag.
  • Charge using the left-mouse button, or hold touch.
  • Fire by releasing the mouse/touch.
  • Fire at gems and hearts to collect them.
  • Destroy the opponent to win.
  • If timeout, the player with the most HP wins.
  • If tied, the player with the most Score wins.

Why not share with a friend and compete for the highest score as well?! Come on and have a shot!


  • Cute and beautiful graphics
  • Battlefield theme 💪 and perfectly designed for casual shooting game lovers
  • Easy and simple rules for having fun


Mouse move to aim
Hold to shoot
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