What are Defense Games?

Defense Games are a type of game with a defense theme. You need to design and deploy defense systems to resist enemy attacks. There are usually certain levels and gradually increasing enemy difficulty.

Features of this type of game include:

  • Defense theme: You need to play the defender and protect their positions or targets from enemy attacks.
  • Construction and strategy: You need to plan and design the defense system, including selecting appropriate defense towers, turrets, soldiers, etc., and placing them reasonably on the map.
  • Enemy attack: In the game, there will be waves of enemies constantly attacking your defense line. They usually have different types and characteristics, such as fast speed, high health, strong attack power, etc.
  • Levels and Progress: Games usually have multiple levels, and you need to complete them one by one and face increasingly difficult enemies. As levels progress, you can unlock new defense systems and special props.

Tower Defense Games: A Classic Favorite

One of the most popular types of defense games is tower defense. In these games, you must strategically place towers or other defensive structures to prevent waves of enemies from reaching a certain point. Each tower has unique abilities, and you must carefully plan its placement to maximize its effectiveness.

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