Played 25228 times and 86% players like the game. is an exciting online multiplayer battle game at Start as a little fly and level up by devouring food and players. Transform into powerful creatures like butterflies, mosquitoes and bees. Can you stay at the top of the food chain?
More... is an online multiplayer battle game. At the beginning of the game, you are a little fly. You need to slowly eat food or other players to upgrade yourself. Flies turn into butterflies when they eat feces, butterflies turn into mosquitoes when they suck nectar, mosquitoes turn into bees when they suck blood, and what do bees turn into after eating insects? The higher your level, the more powerful you are and the more food you can eat. Come and give it a try!


  • Online multiplayer battle game
  • Elements of evolution
  • Explore complex maps
  • New challenge

Clearance Strategy

  • Stay on the move at all times to avoid being targeted by other players
  • Find and eat items and animals outlined in green
  • Animals outlined in red are your natural enemies. Always be careful to avoid them
  • Explore the map to find more prey and opportunities
  • Avoid falling into the mud, which will deplete your oxygen


Mouse click to fly
AD to change direction
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