Freehead Skate
Freehead Skate
Freehead Skate
Freehead Skate
Freehead Skate
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This is a fun little game about a little guy on a skateboard. This game is a unique scrolling platformer. You will control your body and head at the same time to avoid obstacles and successfully pass the level.

In the game, you will play a little man on a skateboard and need to pass different levels. You need to control the villain's body and head to avoid various obstacles, such as jumping platforms, obstacles, etc., and successfully pass the level. This game has simple operations and interesting game mechanics, allowing you to give full play to your reaction and coordination skills.

What are the Key Features of Freehead Skate?

  • Unique game mechanism: In the game, you need to control the body and head of the villain at the same time. This unique game mechanism makes the game more interesting and challenging.
  • Diverse level design: There are multiple levels in the game waiting for your challenge. Each level has different obstacles and layouts to keep you fresh.
  • Character design: The stickman character design in the game makes you feel fun and friendly in the game.

How to play this game?

  1. Control the movement of the villain's body or head.
  2. Avoid jumping platforms and obstacles to successfully pass the level.
  3. Complete the level in the shortest time.

To achieve victory in the game, focus on the following:

  • Concentrate: There are various obstacles in the game. You need to concentrate, make correct operations in time, and avoid obstacles.
  • - Flexible control: Controlling the body and head of the villain requires flexible finger or mouse operations to maintain good coordination.
  • - Jump timing: When jumping onto obstacles such as platforms, master the timing of your jump in order to pass smoothly.


Press A to Jump and S to Jump of head
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