Hunter Hitman
Hunter Hitman
Hunter Hitman
Hunter Hitman
Hunter Hitman
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Hunter Hitman is a third-person stealth puzzle game with 2D arcade play rules. You need to control an agent to eliminate all targets in different rooms without caution.

In Street Car Race Ultimate, your goal is to drive your car to the finish line within the specified time limit, while fulfilling the requirements displayed at the top of the screen. Choose one of the four available modes at the start of the game and prepare for an exhilarating race against time. Successfully completing each level will unlock new challenges and advance your racing career.

How to complete the missions:

  • Design safe and stealthy action routes for your character, then make sure he will not be noticed by enemy units.
  • Eliminate all enemy targets.
  • Upgrading your current car will cost fewer coins than buying a new car.

How to win all 3 stars in every mission:

  • As long as you complete the current level fast and eliminate all targets without alert ringing, you can win them automatically.

Recommendation to Players:

  • Open Loot Boxes when you have Hourly Loot or Premium Loot.
  • Select and equip your equipment items in My Collection.
  • Select 3 of the same cards to assemble and keep assembling to upgrade to Level 5 cards in Card Assembly.
  • Collect more coins when you complete any achievements.
  • Collect coins from Daily Rewards in 5 days.
  • Buy more powerful assassins in the Shop when you earn enough coins. They have better Stealth, Defense, and Speed abilities.


Tap the squares to set the action route for your character
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