Makeup Slime Cooking Master 2
Makeup Slime Cooking Master 2
Makeup Slime Cooking Master 2
Makeup Slime Cooking Master 2
Makeup Slime Cooking Master 2
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Slime is a very popular toy among girls. It has many different colors and textures. Many girls like to make them by themselves. Barbie is also such a girl, she suddenly wanted to mix slimes with cosmetics. Do you want to make slimes with her? Come join Barbie and make beautiful and interesting slimes! Have fun with Barbie!

Welcome to Makeup Slime Cooking Master 2! Stephanie is a little girl who loves slime and she absolutely loves making slime in different colors and textures. And today, she invites you to make beautiful and interesting slimes together. Join Stephanie and have fun making slime! Have fun with her!

What are the Key Features of Makeup Slime Cooking Master 2?

  • Rich colors and textures: In this game, you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of colorful slime colors and textures. From bright rainbow colors to soft cloud textures, you can make unique slimes to your liking and creativity.
  • Innovative material combinations: There are many different cosmetic materials for you to choose from, such as makeup powders, glitters, jewelry, and perfumes. You can try different combinations to create beautiful and interesting slimes.
  • Cute character interaction: In the game, you will make slime with Stephanie. She will show you her creativity and interact with you. You can communicate with her and enjoy making slime together.

How to play this game?

  1. Choose Color: First, you need to choose the color of your slime. Choose your favorite colors on the palette and mix them together until you get the color you want.
  2. Add Texture: Now, you can choose the texture of your slime. You can add some soft cloud texture or some bouncy rainbow texture. According to your preference, choose suitable materials and add them to the slime.
  3. Add cosmetics: In this step, you can choose your favorite cosmetic materials. For example, you can add some makeup powder to add color to the slime or add some sequins and jewelry to make the slime more sparkly and beautiful.
  4. Mix and Stir: Now, let’s get our hands dirty and mix all the ingredients together. Blend the slime with your fingers or a whisk until it becomes soft and elastic.
  5. Finish the work: Finally, you can put the beautiful slime you made into a container and show it to your friends. They will definitely be attracted by your creativity and beautiful slimes.

Recommendation to Players:

Makeup Slime Cooking Master 2 is a fun game for little kids. With this game, children can use their imagination and creativity to make colorful slimes. The rich choices and cute character interactions in the game will bring children a pleasant experience. In addition, through games, children can also develop hand-eye coordination and innovative thinking.


Click the left mouse button and follow the prompts
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