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What are Design Games?

In short, Design Games encourage you to use your creativity and design skills to gain satisfaction by building, decorating, or customizing game elements. Design Games often offer a wealth of design options and tools, giving you the freedom to create an unique content of gameplay. For example, in some house design games, if you want to design the most unique villa of your dreams. You must complete your plan step by step. For example, first plan the basic height and floor area of the house, and then consider the room type and location of each room in the house, etc. Of course, in games, the design process is often simplified to make it easier for you to start playing on mobile devices more quickly. We hope that you can directly enter the design process you are most looking forward to, such as designing the color of the interior of the room, the style and placement of each furniture, etc.

Main Features:

When you play Design Games, you'll get many opportunities to express your creativity. Design Games is like a platform where whether you are an aspiring game designer or a hobbyist, you can use your imagination to turn endless possibilities into reality and realize your ideas.

Even in the game, you have the opportunity to improve your aesthetic skills through Design. In addition, you can communicate with your friends to see who designs better. Of course, there is no right or wrong. Our goal is to create opportunities for players to share and communicate in Design Games. After all, human beings have a common pursuit of beauty.

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