Street Car Race Ultimate
Street Car Race Ultimate
Street Car Race Ultimate
Street Car Race Ultimate
Street Car Race Ultimate
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Street Car Race Ultimate is a vertical version car racing simulation game with 4 different modes of levels and 10 cars. Each car can be upgraded with four different acceleration projects.

šŸš—Street Car Race Ultimate is a racing simulation game at Your task is to drive your car to the finish line within a specified time. At the same time, you have to complete special tasks for each track. The game has four modes in total. Choose one of the four available modes at the start of the game and get ready to take on your opponents. Successfully completing each level will unlock new challenges and advance your racing career. Come and try it.

How to play in Street Car Race Ultimateļ¼Ÿ

  • Use the WASD to control the car's movement and jumping.
  • Complete the level is more efficient for earning coins than avoiding other cars.
  • Upgrading your current car will cost fewer coins than buying a new car.

Recommendation to Players:

  • Upgrade your car with acceleration first then speed.
  • You can use gold coins to buy the car you like. Better car performance will help you beat the AI racer in the next harder levels.


W = gas
S = back
A = drive left
D = drive right
Space = handbrake
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