Played 36959 times and 93% players like the game. is a free duck game on You play as a father duck, helping the mother duck to call the ducklings back to their nest. The more ducklings you rescue, the higher the level of the nest home will be. Come and give it a try!

Relaxing time here at now! As the big duck, you swim around and collect as many little ducks as possible to the mother duck at home nest. However, beware of the dangers that lurk in the water: You need to dodge the reckless boats to avoid hurting, and other player might also take away baby ducks before you! You can upgrade your home by saving more ducklings and get the better-looking nest. You will also unlock more hats via the journey. Gathering all 50 hats now! Why wait? Let's play~


  • The game rules are simple and clear, easy to play
  • Engage in online multiplayer and invite friends to play together
  • Perfect for those who love collecting items
  • Dress up the character
  • Kids friendly


WASD or mouse drag to move.
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