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In Weapon Games, as the name suggests, you will fight using a variety of weapons. For example, there are cold weapons such as knives, bows and arrows, and swords, and hot weapons such as guns and cannons. Similar to Battle Games, Weapon Games are also about combat at their core. Weapon Games sets different story backgrounds for you, such as a fantasy magical world and a developed modern city. You play as different characters, such as an agent walking through a hail of gunfire, or a stickman wielding a sword. Generally, Weapon Games have a high degree of freedom, and you can freely choose the timing of attack and avoidance. Moreover, during the battle, the offensive and defensive actions between you and the enemy are carried out in real-time, which means that every reaction you make has a key impact on the outcome of the battle.

For example, in Sword Master Battle, you will be able to freely adjust the actions of your character. You can adjust your chosen weapon and offensive stance accordingly based on your opponent's weapons and moves. Your goal is to knock your opponent down with your weapon before their sword can damage your body. In addition, some weapons in the game, such as shields, may play a key role in some levels. Sword Master Battle has exquisite graphics and realistic physical effects. We highly recommend you play it!

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