Forest Survival Simulator
Forest Survival Simulator
Forest Survival Simulator
Forest Survival Simulator
Forest Survival Simulator
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The survival simulation game is free to play online on You need to survive in a forest due to an accident. Are you willing to take the challenge? Come and try it out!

Imagine you have fallen into a wild undefined forest because of an airplane crash accident. All you have on you is a few bottles of water, some food, and woods you find around you. How to survive then? You must get used to living alone in the forest, by collecting stuff, making edible food, and building shelter. There are also wild animals and other dangerous native cannibals, so you also need to learn to defend yourself. Please also remember to consume and recover all of your energy from time to time while you are exploring so that you won't die from lack of water, sleep, food, and more. This game will allow you to freely explore and craft anything possible. Share the game with a friend and compete with each other to live longer!


  • Open world. Free to explore and build.
  • Relaxing and fun
  • Interesting mechanism


Escape= Unlock cursor
TAB = Inventory
WASD = Move
Left Click = Attack
Right Click = Aim
C= Crouch
Left Shift = Run
E = Grab / Open
Mouse Move = Rotate version
Right Click = Wheel
Space = jump
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