Super Pixel Survivor
Super Pixel Survivor
Super Pixel Survivor
Super Pixel Survivor
Super Pixel Survivor
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Super Pixel Survivor is an exciting survival game. Let's defeat sea creatures together and earn stars to buy upgrades and improve your shooting ability! This game not only has a beautiful design but also brings you endless fun!

In this stunning game world, you will become a brave survivor in a mysterious ocean world. Your mission is to fight a variety of sea creatures, including crabs, shrimps, squid, and more. By continuously defeating these enemies, you will earn valuable stars, which can be used to purchase various upgrades to improve your shooting abilities.

What are the Key Features of Super Pixel Survivor?

  • Exquisite pixel art style: The game adopts a carefully designed pixel art style, allowing you to experience the beauty and mystery of the ocean immersively.
  • Diverse marine creatures: There are a variety of marine creatures in the game waiting for your challenge. Each creature has a unique attack method and behavioral habits, giving you endless surprises.
  • Upgrade and equipment system: By collecting stars, you can purchase various upgrades and equipment to increase your shooting speed and damage capabilities, making you more powerful in battle.

How to play this game?

You will control the protagonist to fight. Use your shooting skills and quick reflexes to defeat enemies and collect stars. At the same time, you need to be careful not to run into enemies, otherwise, you will be defeated as well. In the game, you can purchase upgrades to improve your shooting and damage capabilities. Find the best combat strategy to survive!

Recommendation to Players:

  • Exciting survival challenges: It bring you endless excitement and fun, allowing you to experience real survival challenges. In this deep sea world, you will face a variety of marine creatures, and you need to make good use of your shooting skills and upgrades to defeat them.
  • Beautiful pixel design: The game adopts a carefully designed pixel art style, allowing you to immerse yourself in a beautiful and mysterious game world. Every character and scene is full of detail and vitality, making your gaming experience richer.
  • Simple and easy-to-use operation: The game operation is simple and intuitive, suitable for children to play. You just use simple controls to control the protagonist and use your shooting skills to defeat enemies.

How to Win in the Game?

To win the game, you need to remember the following:

  1. Improve shooting ability: Improve your shooting accuracy and reaction speed through continuous training and combat. This will give you an advantage in combat with your enemies.
  2. Collect stars and buy upgrades: By defeating enemies and collecting stars, you can buy various upgrades to improve your shooting abilities. Upgrade your damage and fire rate to make you more powerful.
  3. Be careful of enemy attacks: Avoid touching enemies, because once touched by enemies, you will also be injured. Stay alert and flexibly avoid enemy attacks.
  4. Develop a combat strategy: Learn the enemy's attack methods and behavioral habits, and develop a combat strategy that suits you. Use techniques to help you gain an advantage in combat.


move with directional or arrow keys
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