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This is a free slime and .io game on Eat more bubbles of the same color as yourself! Make yourself bigger and then swallow other slimes!

Are you still looking for an Io Game that retains classic elements while also being innovative? Well, in our game, you will feel the beauty of the classic snake game. At the same time, you will compete with other players to see who can eat more gold coins in a short time. You have to move around and eat more coins. Only by getting bigger do you have a chance of swallowing other snakes. Remember, every coin you eat makes you bigger. Only as your body gets bigger can you compete with the snakes operated by other players. If you're not big enough, the game will be over the moment you try to eat another slime. Therefore, please don’t rush to attack other players, make yourself stronger first!

Game Features:

  • Simple gameplay and easy to get started.
  • Multiple options to customize your appearance by earning points.


  1. Our game has a unique Merge gameplay. Before the start of each level, you can upgrade the snake you control through Merge and customize its appearance according to your preferences.
  2. Please focus your main attention on collecting gold coins. You can first collect as many gold coins as possible in a small area. As you get bigger, it becomes more difficult for other snakes to avoid you. They may even actively bump into your body.


Slide to move.
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