Ball Run 2048
Ball Run 2048
Ball Run 2048
Ball Run 2048
Ball Run 2048
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Ball Run 2048 is a fun casual puzzle game at You have to overcome all the spikes and wooden bridges to help the ball merge bigger and reach the finish line. The game also has many different levels of difficulty. Come and try it out.

Ball Run 2048 is an arcade game. Your task is to help the ball pass the level in Ball Run 2048. On the way you will encounter various obstacles that want to prevent you from achieving your goals. Such as sharp thorns and thin wooden bridges. When small balls meet balls of the same color, they merge into a larger number of balls. Come and play and see how many balls you can synthesize.


  • Unique gameplay
  • Exquisite graphics
  • Dynamic music 🎵

How to play

  • Control the movement direction of the ball
  • Avoid various obstacles
  • Merge as many balls as possible


  • Pay attention to the location and trajectory of obstacles
  • Reasonably arrange the movement path of the ball to avoid collisions
  • Merge the balls to increase the number by merging them


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